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We provide installation instruction and videos, before shipment all machines are tested.  When the border is open after COVID-19 quarantine our tech stuff from China can make a supervision installation on site.

Types of machines:

  • 3-layers surgical masks, fully automatic line (packing is not included).
    • N95  mask fully automatic line (packing is not included).
    • Materials:
    • For 3-layers surgical mask recommended SMS of  25g (Non-woven)+20g (special meltblown materials)+25g(Non-woven)
    • For N95 mask machine recommended  is 50g (Contact layer)+40g (Sweat-absorbent layer)+40g (special meltblown materials, or 20g+20g)+50g (Non-woven)

FFP2 and FFP3 standards?

3.1 FFP2 and FFP3 is European standard, Our N95 machine can produce KN95 face mask, which is 95% filtering effect standard FFP2 is 94% filtering effect standard and FFP3 is 99% filtering effect standard.


3 –layer automatic line production capacity is 80pcs/min

  • N95 line production capacity is 50pcs/min

How many volts are needed?

220V + compressed air

Delivery time

For both types of lines standard production time is around 15 days.

CE, FDA certificate of the masks?

Certificates mainly depend on materials, if it is Grade 99 meltblown, there should not be any problems to get CE, FDA Certificate. The masks standard can be FFP3.

How we install the machines?

We will provide you video instruction and manual.